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Julianna Naydina ArtWorkshop

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Ukraine | Odessa

  My name is Julianna Naydina, I’m a mother of two adorable kids, who’ve inspired me for this incredible art and the creation of Teddy Bears. I live and work in Ukraine, in the colorful and incomparable city of Odessa. 

For 10 years now I have creating Teddy bears.  Little kids have found their homes in more than 20 countries around the world. They live in private collections and museums, have participated in international exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Belgium and Japan. And in 2016, baby Michelle was awarded the Teddy Oscar Golden George Award in Munster. Once I thought about how great it would be to start sharing this delight and the pleasure that my creativity gives me and developed the MIKKABEARS kits. These are magic boxes in which you will find everything you need to create your unique and unrepeatable   Miracle - Bear, Bears – talisman, Dream Bear! These kits are already pleasing beginners and advanced artists from America, Japan, Australia, Germany, Britain, Russia and Ukraine.

Who said that it is difficult to perform miracles? With my master classes and video lessons everything becomes clear and simple. Detailed, demonstrative, step-by-step instructions will help you create a bear, clothes and accessories for it. My projects "MIKKABEARS" and "The main thing that the suit was sitting" helped many indecisive fairies in realizing their own abilities, they learn to enjoy the creative process and inspired them to their own projects with the help of which they believed in their strength.

I invite you to see the babies in the Gallery.


With love, Julianna Naydina